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    How many sets of dead lifts? (for back/arms day)

    I need to know how many sets of dead lifts I should be doing
    I want to get my growth signals going to stimulate full body growth
    Looking to put on mass and strength

    My strategy is doing large muscle groups first (such as dead lifts), followed by smaller muscle groups (such as biceps)

    Here's the routine

    Dead lifts (is 4 sets? enough)
    Rows - Close grip 2 sets
    Rows - wide grip 2 sets
    Lateral Pull downs - wide grip 3 sets
    Lateral pull downs - close grip 3 sets
    Preacher curls - biceps 3 sets
    Over hand preacher curls - for-arms 3 sets
    underhand for-arm wrist curls 3 sets

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    generally 5 sets for me.

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    usually 3-6 sets for me, depending on the split.

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    I usually do 2 warm up sets then 3 - 4 work sets on average.

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