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    taking a week off lifting - how often?

    Ive heard numerous times that every so often, its good to take a week off from lifting weights so your body can grow and rest... like once in a while

    How often do you think one should take a week off from trainging?
    Maybe once every two months or so?

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    every 3-4 months

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    one thing I have found. (wish i could bold this) The body makes adaptions when the cns is fresh and the body is well rested. This holds true for muscle growth and fat loss.

    Now i do dc, it is very very damanding. I take a week off every 4 weeks.

    guys. when i take that week off, i never miss a beat. I always come back and handle more than last time. This leads me to believe that the stimulus to grow larger hangs around for more than a few days and remains even after initial muscle revovery for a while.

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    I usually only take a week off when I'm just way too tired or sick. I was sick all last week so I lifted once, did a full body pump sort of lift, and I'm itching to get back in the gym!

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    i will do one every 2 months or so but normally i will workout like once or twice at the beginning of that week instead of 6 times throughout the week and do basically a full body workout of basic compound exercises and then take the next 4 or 5 days of then jump back into my normal 6 day a week program

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    My week of i do once every six weeks or so and i do two power style training sessions just including biig 4 and always go back stonger.

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    twice a year not including ilnesses/injuries

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