I just finished a 5x5 routine and wanted to put together a new program for my first cycle. I like the strength gains on the 5x5 but wanted something to give me more definition. Would you please review this program which is a combination of 5x5 and Slingshot. Please let me know what you think...

Chest Bench 3x8
Shoulder Over head Press 3x8
Lats Pull Down 3x8
Lats BB Row 3x8
Traps Shrugs 3x8

Legs Squats 3x8
Dead Lifts 3x8
Biceps Inc DB Curls 3x8
Triceps Skull Crunch 3x8
Forearms Reverse Curl 3x8
Abs Med ball exercises

Wed Rest

Chest Pec Dec Fly 3x8
ShouldersArnold Press 3x8
Lats Pull Ups 3x8
Lats T-bar row 3x8
Traps Upright Row 3x8

Legs Squat 3x8
Dead Lifts 3x8
Biceps BB Curl 3x8
Triceps Cable Push Down 3x8
Forearms Wrist Curl 3x8
Abs Med Ball Exercises