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    Active Realease Therapy

    Anyone tried active release therapy for tendonitus? Exactly how is it performed?
    Does a therapist put constant pressure on the sore tendon while the bodypart is moved through a full range of motion.
    Thanks for any info on ART.

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    ART is great. It really works. I know several people, my husband included, that had it done with great success. Look for some one who does myofacia disruption. Its cutting edge techniques and only a few are qualified to do it, but the results are amazing.

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    It it awesome! If you have access to a doc who performs ART get it done! I had problems with tendonitis among other nagging injuries in the past year and I just relocated two weeks ago. I finally found a doc who performs ART near me and started sessions a week ago. I have noticed more improvement in the last week than 12 weeks of therapy, 2 cort. shots and multiple layoffs combined for almost a year. It is the read deal...just make sure your doc is more than qualified to perform it on you. As far as describing it, it is exactly like you said. He kind of "smoothes" out the soft tissue while he directs you to move your limbs in a specific range of motion (At least thats what my doc does). It is painful, but well worth it!

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