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    Anyone free weight hack anymore?

    I always see people hovering around the hack squat machine weighting to work in but never see anyone free weight hack squating.

    Anyone here do them??

    I love em. they feel better than the machine for some reason. not nearly the same poundages but just feel better. same with free weight squats and smythe machine squats.


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    i would like to do them as i havent in a while because my form slips without a workout partner there to correct me.

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    All I use due to current gym. Matter of fact all I have ever used.

    Just do not have the space for big machines.

    Also read a study that said free weights are by far the best way to go due to you having to balance the weight as you use it.

    They do have limitations though especially with legs.

    Been working so far.

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    I thought I was the only one that did em, their part of my routine, I just did [email protected] the other day (best yet) I'm only a week into my cycle, can't wait till that kicks in, what kina weight are u guys doin on em?

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