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    is it possible to have a strong incline bench and a weak military press

    my incline bench has always been strong my best lift was 265 for 4 reps at a body weight of 188, but somehow i dont understand this my military press sucks. is this possible? i always thought the incline bench used alot of delts. so u would think that a strong incline and a strong military would go hand in hand. and suggestions on this.

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    If you are new to military your body will need to adapt to it...

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    yeah right
    work on cleans and jerks for shoulder power

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellows2k
    If you are new to military your body will need to adapt to it...
    with dumbells i just started with 70s and in 3 weeks i was up to 85s...if it is new to will get much stronger very quickly

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    A lot of lifters arch their backs when performing the seated shoulder press. This really brings in the upper pecs to help the delts in the movement. Another thing people do is not use a perfectly vertical bench when shoulder press. This, again, will allow the upper pecs to help. If you take the arch out of your back and use a perfectly vertical shoulder press bench, then your seated shoulder press weight will suck. Hope this helps!

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