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    Need A whole lotta help

    Im new to this forum. kind of embarrising but i have male breasts. i dont even bother going to the beach anymore. i had them originaly before i did a 5 week cycle of primabolan depot. doc said my hormons are good and that its just fat. my arms and sholders give me a skinny apperance and i have some what of a pot belly but my stomach looks tone. i have love handles and thick legs. my upper back is very sculpted and i guees you can say looks diesel. my body is very out of proportion. i plan on doing a cycle of primabolin depot and winstrol depot and was curious if anyone can write me up a work out that i can follow becasue i read so many different things from magazines. my main goal is to get ride of the breasts these things are imbarrising. can some one please help.

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    We will all be glad to help. but before we do would you be so kind as to post your stats? that is your age, what you have done so far training-wise, height, weight, etc etc. This is so we can offer advice that will be best for you.


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