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    3 quick and easy questions

    Ok I looked and used the search button and couldn't find answers to these 3 seemingly easy questions:
    1: Generally speaking, what is the best weight lifting technique if my only goal is to burn off body fat: more reps with less weight or fewer reps with as much weight as possible?

    2: WTF is t3? I'm assuming it is short hand for TestTosTerone, but I'm often wrong...

    3: What's an effective and safe sleep aid? I'm only using ECA right now, and even if I don't take it less than 6 or 7 hours before bed I have trouble sleeping. I think it also may have to do with all the damn water I'm drinking...I'm getting up every 2 hours to take a leak.


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    to cut down, i like to do quick circuit workouts. only rest 30 secs in between sets and 60 betweem exercises. you will have to lower the weoghts, as you be shooting for about 10 reps

    t3 is a fat burner. it's usually combined with clen . you should be able to find alot about it in the search. type in **t3**.

    as for the sleep aid, my favorite.......a nice big blunt

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    for a banana,

    it has the same chemical that is in milk when you warm it..can't remember what it is called off the top of my head but it works...

    sex works great for me


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    1. Lower the weight, do 10 to 15 reps and 30 and 60 sec rest like dane said.

    2. What dane said.

    3. I like the blunt idea (it works the best), I'm not sure how tired will you get from heaving sex on eca. LOL

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    High reps, moderate wieght, little rest....just as Dane perscribes

    T3/cytomel ...look in the profiles section

    Orgasms release a natural muscle relaxant which makes you if your alone....bust a nut

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    For fat burning...CARDIO IS KING! Your weight training is used to increase lean mass thereby increasing your calorie burning capacity. More lean mass=more calories burned at rest.

    T3 is synthetic thyroid medication.

    Take 3mg of melatonin 1/2 an hour before bed and stop your ECA after 2:00pm.

    Be safe and be careful.

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