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    Someone explain this to me...

    I have always thought of free weights as the top body building tool....but recently, because I live in the boonies, a long way from a gym, I purchased a $400 weight machine...anyways on free weights I have a bench max of 320 and work out with about 250 or 260....I was dissapointed one I set up the weight machine and noticed I could only lift up to 110 lbs......but repping 110 lbs on the machine was like repping 270 on free weights, and ontop of that after I completed my workout on the machine I felt like I had received a much better workout than on free there any sort of explanation for this ???

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    Your muscles became adapted to the stimulus provided by the free weights. The machine provided a new stimulus to your body and consequently you felt that you had a better workout.

    However, it is very strange that you were using a much lower weight on the machine, usually it is the opposite, even if you have not used machines before.

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    The drop in weight is most likely due to the range and direction of motion on this machine being fixed.

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