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    Who on here uses H.I.T approach in their weight training?

    Who uses this one set to failure(ie Mike Mentzers approach or a hybrid of it)???? If so list your workout. I have never in my life tried this so I am thinking of trying it for the hell of it. I have always used 3-5 sets and trained heavy and never gone to failure(on purpose lol). I just like the idea of doing this and I may give it a try for a few weeks as a change.

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    come on C Dog and others, I know a few of you guys have mentioned it before.

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    i've used HIT before but i guess it was more the arthur jones method of working every bodypart in one workout doing one set of each exercise. my workout would be something like squat, bench, SL deadlift, chin up, shoulder press, t-bar rows, tricep extension, bicep curls, ab machine all one set maybe 2x a week. believe it or not i saw some decent gains using this for a while. maybe it was just from shocking my muscles by changing my workout. what i don't like is that you only get one shot to work a muscle and you don't feel like you've hit the muscle hard enough sometimes. what i do like is that you tend to put more effort into your sets b/c you only get one shot. your not subconciously saving energy for your last set b/c your first set is your last set. just my 2 cents on the matter

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    This is what I was thinking of doing for my HIT workout if I use it. These are my top pics as exercises to use, now keep in mind I will only be using one of these exercises per bodypart per workout. Ill group the body parts how I am going to train them...

    Workout 1
    Chest- Dumbell Incline Press(two different angles), Dumbell Bench Press
    Back- Semi-Supinate Chinups, Supinate Chinups, Widegrip Chinups
    Shoulders- Machine Military Press, Dumbell Military Press, Barbell Military
    Triceps- Closegrip Bench Press, Dips, Closegrip Incline Press
    Biceps- Barbell Preacher Curl, Dumbell Preacher Curl, Hammer Curl

    Workout 2
    Quads- Leg Press, Hack Squat
    Hamstrings- Leg Curl(lying, standing)
    Calves- Seated, Standing, Lying
    Lowerback- Hyperextensions, Machine Hypers
    Abs- Incline Situps, Roman Chair, Cable Crunches

    I am thinking of doing workout 1 on Monday, workout 2 on Wednesday, and then doing workout 1 again on Friday but using different exercises.

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    Lightbulb This is what I have found to be VERY effective------>

    It's a combination HIT(high intensity training)/SCT(static contraction training) routine:
    Mon: Chest/back
    -Flat bench press
    -Bent barbell row
    -Incline press or flyes(machine or dumbell)
    -Lat pull downs

    Wed: Quads/Hams/Calves
    -Leg extensions
    -Barbell squats
    -Calf presses on leg press machine or seated calf presses
    -seated/lying leg curls

    Fri: Shoulder/Bi/Tri
    -Military press
    -Standing barbell curls
    -Standing 2 hand single dumbell french press or Rope press downs
    -Shoulder flyes...machine or dumbell
    -Hammer curls or rope curls
    -Tri hammer press machine

    3 sets per exercise
    1 good warm-up set 10-15 reps
    1 all out that you anticipate only being able to do 5-8 reps
    1 static hold set for 8-15 sec (static set usually 25% more weight than hevy set)

    This is a very rough outline, but it gives the general idea. This is a very intense routine...and I only will be using it as written while cycling...otherwise I think it's too hard to recover.

    If one wanted to use this routine naturally...add more days off between workouts.

    Always keep a detailed workout journal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't see progress on EVERY workout...add 1 more day between workout days!!!!!!!!!!



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