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    .45 minute puke punch to your legs

    Figured I might add this. I was thinking about my legs being sore still following a stair sprint, body weight squat session etc etc.
    was thinking when i went to prison for the first and only timeGod willing. My young bunky ( guy on the bottom bunk bed) wanted to start training and wanted to except a challenge from his one dude in their ( the friend was a qualifier for the Denver Broncos nfl team) was pretty conditioned.
    Long story shot, we both attempted 45 minutes total of body weight squats. 15 minutes air squats right into 15 minutes straight of lunges followed by going right into a 15 minutes continuous set of "burpees"... Mind you that i haven't weight trained about 10 years prior to this other then hard labor (brick work, tree work etc) .
    I was determined to get started again and prison is a good deal of time to spend on it, train, eat, sleep, shower rest, repeat for months on end, day in and out.

    Well I liked after the 45 minutes but blew away my much younger bunk mate. It's mental drive and gritting through it...ooh man getting on the top bunk was hell after that. I don't think I ever been that sore in my life. Even after a huge leg day in a high end gym.

    Unsure what I'm getting at. Guess I'm saying to try it lol. Thanks
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