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Thread: Shredded and strong Legs but no bulking

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    Shredded and strong Legs but no bulking

    Hi everybody

    If I train my legs with the same weight and have a super clean diet, is it possible to have strong and shredded legs without bulking them.

    Legs are the only part of the body that I don t want to bulk. I want strong and super shredded legs but not massive legs.

    Thank you for you advices.

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    Being shredded comes down to your diet and bodyfat %.

    If you want strong legs but not overly big then maybe do only squats ... with heavy squats you will develop strong legs but without the other stuff like leg press extention etc they shoulndt bulk up exessivly. Its basicallly how the old school bodybuilders did it back when there was no gym equipment... Those guys had bigger upper bodys and strong legs but not huge like bodybuilders today

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    Post a pic of your legs.
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    Just eat clean and train you probably wont have to worry about having massive legs

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    So you want strong and cut legs but not massive?
    Do your legs grow easily?
    It comes down to diet,type of training,frequency and volume. Your body isnt gonna say leta keep the fat off the legs because youre training them differently unless youre genetically able to do so.

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