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Thread: I love my mail

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    What's a rusty trombone?

    I love my mail

    Here's the latest message sent to my site at He was nice enough to leave the sig of hiss office as well so I can contact him at my leisure.

    From: Rob Mallon -
    Sent: Wednesday, September 1, 2004
    Subject: yay
    You ****in faggot ass. Get a life. You know more about the Yankees than most fans I know. Do you have a job? That's a lot of time to so blatently OBSESS with the Yanks, kind of like you stupid bastard Pat fans who chant Yankees suck at a super bowl parade?????????? You would never here a 1918 chant at a parade for the Giants or god help us the Jets. Come down to THE stadium and sit in section 39 of the bleachers, and we'll have a little talk, by the way have some respect for the dead. ba fung tu la sorada, de na faccia ugule a mio
    > robert mallon
    > senior art director
    > SoBe beverages
    > 203.899.7125
    > ::::::::::::...............

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    LOL Wow...someone has a fan club!!!

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    you are my new hero....i love that site

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    Right here!Are you blind?
    Bless you bro.........I love that site...I hate the freakin yankees and I wa born in NY.

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    We should all prank cal that dude! Haha!!! "**** the Yankees"!!!!!!!!

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