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    I cannot even stand up!

    I trained legs today before work (squats, leg presses, extensions, leg curls) so I head to work and sit down to reply to my morning emails. After about 45 minutes in the chair I go to stand up and I can't! My quads are so burned out that I cannot even stand up! And the pain is intense, especially on the outside sweep. I had to literally throw myself out of the chair holding onto my desk and arm rests. My coworkers are watching this rolling on the floor seeing a 235 lb guy trying to pull himself out of his I head out to get some food a while later and wouldn't you know it, the escalator outside my office is out of order...I had to walk was horrible. I almost didn't make it.

    Awesome workout though.

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    Good job, SC recommended to me and it worked well, do some sort of cardio the days following (, eliptical)

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    No pain No gain..........

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