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    LA--Looking for Honest Work

    This post is for anyone out there who might be well-established in their life, financially solid, and in a position to hire others.

    Here's my deal: I'm 27 y.o. and I've been lifting weights for a number of years. Recently, I was fortunate enough to come under the tutelage of an IFBB pro. This person has helped me immeasurably with training form and diet and believes I have the athletic ability/genetics to compete one day as a Super Heavyweight at the National Level.

    What I need now is a job that allows me the ability to scrape out a decent living, but also importantly the time to focus on bodybuilding. That said, I'm looking for somebody who can give me "sponsorship" in the form of making an honest living. There's a lot of underhanded ways to make a living in BB, and I'm really not interested in any of that. I'm a smart enough guy with a Master's Degree--and I can be a legitimate asset to your business.

    The ideal job for me would in some way involve writing--as my professional background is in journalism. However, I also have experience doing standard office work and am highly computer literate. In a perfect world, this job would be flexible (either in an office part-time or work from home) and allow me to earn a base salary of between $1,000 and $2,000 each month.

    If you're interested in discussing potential employment with me, please send me more information about your company and what you envision as my responsibilities. With the right situation, I should be able to grow dramatically over the next few years. I'm working from a solid base of 5'10, 175 pounds and my trainer believes I can compete at 230 or beyond.

    If you're in the position to hire someone, and could benefit from both brains and brawn, email me at and let's talk. Thanks for reading.

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    Bump for an AR bro looking for work...

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