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    Mr Olympia on A&E

    QUOTE]Joan checks out the Mr. Olympia contest, the "Super Bowl" of body building, to find out what it takes to sculpt the "perfect" body. [/QUOTE]

    Did anyone see this show? I thought is was pretty interesting. Espeacially when Craig Titus and some of the other top guys were denying there steriod use
    One of the judges was talking about how they test everyone for AS but they can't detect anything because the pro's that are competeing have Dr's change the chemical makeup of the steriods their using...making it impossible to dectect. I don't know if that's possible. Anyone know if there's any truth to that?

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    damn i'd love to see that, if anyone knows if its comin on again let everyone know, i love watchin that stuff

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    Ehh they dont take AS test on Mr O. They only check for lasix and other diuretics.

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