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    Costum Computers Business..

    Okay as some of you know im a cash straped college student... I have a passion for computers and i was wondering if theres a market for Custom build/painted/designed computers.. im thinking of throwing in about 1500 into a box and seeing if i can sell it.. but do you guys think its something that can acctuly make me some pocket change..? the only think i dont know is how much does a decent looking paint job cost..? anyone..?

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    Follow the Dell model.....find people who are looking to buy and charge em $50 to put the parts together. This way you don't lay down any cash as they pay for all of the parts.

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    not alot of money in it today..


    i can build a 3.4 overclocked.. water cooled, with 1g or 800mhz ram

    for $1000.....

    And i use OEM software...

    when people ask me..

    I send them to dell now.. most won't and cant use a strong machine..

    dell.... 2.4 p4 512 ram 40 g hd...
    256 video
    nic/ yada yada yada...

    free shipping
    free 17" flat panel... (this is what gets them)

    just my experience..
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    I have tried doing this and the labor on putting them together is a good way to go for a college kid. If your knowledge level is high enough toss an add in your local news paper for repair and home networking. Cheap and effective. Home networking has made me some nice pocket change

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