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    Thumbs up Amazing discovery associated with 1-AD. Please READ THIS THREAD!!!!!

    I would like to start out by saying, previously when I took 1-AD for the first time I put on 8 lbs in the first week. With a minor strength increase(I was surprised). I am now taking 1-AD and done a lot of research on it and I am now on my 2nd cycle. Amazingly I have put on 15lbs in 7 days and have lost some body fat. I am taking regular doses (1 three X a day). The difference from the first cycle is now I am taking with it:
    1) creatine (SciTec)
    2) HMB (optimum)
    3) Myomax Gain (SciTec)
    4) Flax-seed oil
    5) 1-AD (Ergo)
    6) Secretegogue (MHP)
    7) Whey Protein (Optimum)

    This is how I started out taking it:
    - 2) 3) 5) at 6:00am
    - 9:00am 3 bannanas and 1 chicken breast
    - 1) protein bar (30grm of protein and carbs), or 7) at 11:00am
    - protein bar (30grm of protein and 0-13 carbs), or 7) at 1:00pm
    - 1) 2) 5) chicken breast or protein bar (30grm protein 0 carbs), or 7) at 3:00pm
    - (PRE-WORK-OUT and during) Speed stack or Beta Blast (energy drink ephadrine) at 6:00pm
    - 2) 3) 5) (POST-WORK-OUT) penut butter on 1 slice of wheat bread at 8:30pm
    - 1) chichen breast and or 7) at 9:30pm
    - 1) 2) 5) 4) chicken breast at 11:30 pm
    - 6) at 2:00am

    Work out starts out with heavy weights 5-8 sets for the 1st rep (total of 6 reps)adding weight for each set. It is like this every workout. A total burnout with heavy weight for 5 days. On days off continue taking everything the same but eliminating the carbs totally and get a lot of rest. Run 1.5 miles on 2 days off.

    My body is retaining little water, unnoticable by anyone except for me (in the abdominal area).

    I am very, very satisfied. If I stop gaining I will double dose the 1-AD. I will be taking for 8 weeks.

    On the first cycle, I had acne bad and hair loss. Now I go into the steam room for 15-25 minutes and I have no acne. Have also had no hair loss because of the Secretegogue and a very high oversexual stimulation (very horny). I will try an andro or Tribastan to reduce gyno at the end of the cycle (in week 7). The only problem I'm having is a pain in the kidneys in the morning (upon awakening).

    The muscle mass is very noticable (shreaded), my people think I'm taking gear. I drink about 1.5 gallons of water before 12:00pm. I sweat everyting out btw working out and the steam room.

    Moderators any comments or suggestions?

    I love it, I'm so excited. I'll keep everyone updated!

    I need an upper pec and a calf work out!

    So everyone what do you think, supplements being used with these results. I know a lot of you guys say that gear is cheaper and works better. Well if I had a legit source local I would take it. The only thing I have access to is Fina. If I do start taking gear it will be some time next year.

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    If I could make gains like that off of something OTC I wouldn't use AAS at all. Unfortunately you are the exception and not the rule. But congrats on your success and I wish you the best.

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    Originally posted by Rickson
    If I could make gains like that off of something OTC I wouldn't use AAS at all. Unfortunately you are the exception and not the rule. But congrats on your success and I wish you the best.
    15Lbs. in 7 days! I'm hoping to walk away with that gain at the end of my cycle.

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    That's pretty sick to be the geneticly giffed keep up the good work

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    Good work, but eat more real food as well, you'll do even better

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    More to add...................
    May max set in bench is usually 330 and that's is. Well, today I started out at 330 and finished out at 385. This shit is unbelievable, I don't know what's going on. This is very insane for me. I have attempted 350 max, before but never 385. I am so excited I can't rest. My chest is really sore. My joints in my left shoulder is killing me. I guess glucosamine will help that out. But I still can' t believe this. The feeling that I had when the guys in the gym were looking at me. Prior to doing 385 the gym had gotten so quiet some people said that I would hurt my self. Many of the guys that are taking gear were assuming that I had started taking some. I began counting down aloud 3-2-1 (thinking about Goldberg's theme song) and I hit it 3 times without a spot! I will take the day off tomorrow and probably Sat. For my sake I hope this strange occurance continues. I hope I continue to get bigger.

    Even my abbs are getting huge, the muscles are thick.

    I am so amazed, this is scaring me!

    Someone please give me some words of encouragement.

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    I gained 26lbs when i first started lifting with AST's 19-nor 250 =\

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