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    On ketosis, should i consume a carb meal before my workout?

    Hey i've been consuming zero carbs and been only conusming carbs pwo and ppwo. For the past 3 days i've felt like crap and today i feel as if my body is in ketosis. I'm feeling swell, thinking straight, and taking nice dumps. Now the question is, should i go ahead and conusme a carb/protein meal then a protein/fat meal and then workout? Will conusming this carb meal set me back in making my body use carbs as energy?

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    What is the goal of your diet? Are you on a keto diet on purpose? If so, then no u won't eat carbs. I can't tell you what is good to do if I don't know what your dietary plan of attack is. Stats/goals/etc. all help to add context to the post.


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    How can you be consuming zero carbs if you're consuming carbs pwo and ppwo? Also, if your intention is to stay in ketosis, then I would say no to the extra pro/carb meal.

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