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    Find a mouse in my fridge

    Hey Bros

    I woke up around five or six in the morning today, was starving, so I decided to munch on some turkey breast lunch meat. Anyways so I'm standing there eating this turkey half asleep, and I see some movement out of the corner of my eye. A ****ing mouse was inside my refrigerator. I about **** my pants it caught me so off gaurd, and the ****er was still alive.

    I slammed the door shut, and a few minutes later went in to investiage further, got the ****er, and through the bitch out of my apartment complex.

    Oh yeah, I'm not a scum bag, I keep my place really clean, I'm a college student, in a college apartment complex so its a bitch sometimes to keep **** like that under control.

    Thought it was a funny story worth telling at least, kinda in the right forum I guess, has to deal with food. Shoulda ate the mouse, gotta be like five, six grams of protein right!


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    ha ha lol.thats funny. you should of ate him more protein

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    ****, if you were smart you would have kept him around and fattened him up and possibly gotten 2-3g more of protein out of him.

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