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    help on bulking up!!!

    hay guys, i weigh 80 kilos, i wanna get to 90 or more, plz guys help us get into a sorta routine in eating, plz list as many as good foods etc as u can, thatll bulk us up, and how many meals etc to eat a day, and wot to eat, thanks heaps guys!?

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    I posted you a helpful link in your other thread... did you not read it? Sorry if I seem short, but this thread is extremely vague.....

    These are the basics you need.... read them, construct your own diet, based upon the structure that is given within the thread, and then post it up for critique... no one is going to make your diet up from scratch here, you need to do research on your own, and put forth the effort......... we can't help you if you don't help yourself.

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