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    How many calories to cut.....

    I am currently on week 7 of 12 and my intake is 4500 calories per day and increasing each week. I want to know roughly how many calories to cut when coming off the cycle to help maintain my gains without storing any excess fat.


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    If anything, when you lower calories directly off of (after) a cycle, you stand a good chance, great chance really, of losing a LOT of the gains you made while on.

    I believe this is precisely why many choose to split the bulking time in half, so as to allow AAS to be utilized while cutting, which runs the highest risk of lending itself to be catabolic because of the reducation in calories, cardio, etc.

    I'd maintain for a very good while, and make sure your PCT is up to par, or you're gonna be hatin' it just the same.


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    A very rough estimate would be to eat the same for 3-4 days...the next 3-4 eat your BMR+75% of the extra you ate above BMR on AS. the next 3-4 BMR of 50% the AS extra and then the same at 25% the next...after 2 weeks you should be eating normally. This assumes you are not loaded up on super short-1/2 life AS.

    To be more exact you would need to calculate your blood AS lvls

    The amount over your BMR you eat will be proportional to the AS you are on at any given time. I would look up the half life of everything you are on, and calculate your blood levels at daily intervals for 2 weeks. If you are having success at say 5k cal a day and your BMR is 3k a day, you are eating 2k a day extra on the AS. When your AS lvls drop to 1/2, eat 1k extra, at 1/4 east 500 extra, or 3500 total cal....and so on, after 2 weeks you would ezt your BMR.

    This doesnt accout for a few factors, such as the relative strength of the differeent cycle components, but this should be close. Losing part of your gains will happen no matter what. But eating more calories than your body can use will cause fat gain no matter what you are on.

    If you need help calculating your blood lvls post your injection frequency, muscle release 1/2life for oil based injectables, and the blood metabolic 1/2 lifes of the compounds and ill try and help out.

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