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    Diet Question/Please Help.

    I was about 200 over late summer/early Fall.
    Was taking m1t didnt ptc right lost a ****load of muscle and back to ALMOST where I started. I need a plan bros. im currently 185...6'1....34/33 waist.
    I real down cause my arms shrunk like mad. I need a diet that will get me my arms back to where I need them.

    I try to take 50g of protien in a meal.
    What sugars can I through in there if any?

    I want to be good for april/may.

    I train hard.

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    There is no program that will get your arms back like they "were".

    You must train hard, bench/row/squat and eat like mad, and stay consistent for months and months on end (I'd say make it a lifestyle) to have what you desire.

    There are no shortcuts.


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