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    5 advice is needed

    i've been training for 1.5 years with few months stoping in height is 176cm and weight is 196lb i would like to increase my weight to is my daily time table:

    7:00am: 3eggs and whey protein shake(24g protein)
    10:00am: hotdog and bee96lb ....i would f sandwish with orange juice
    12:00pm: whey protein shake(24gprotein)
    2:00pm: half chicken,rice and salad
    5:00pm: one pack of animal-M-stack
    7:00pm: tuna fish
    7:30pm: animal pack
    8:15pm: animal stack2 + creatine monohydrate
    8:45pm: going to gym and working out till 10:45pm
    11:00pm: whey protein shake
    11:10pm: 3 hamburgers + french fries
    12:00pm: going to sleep.

    a)do u think that my weight will increase if i remain on this time table???
    b)am i talking the animal products,creatine and protein at the right time of the day??
    c)is it better to stay on these supplements or shall i switch to steroids ??

    i really need your help....since im so confused.....

    thanks for your co-operation.....

    sorry for the poor language

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    Your right about needing help. That diet is very poor. The first thing i would do is READ the bulking sticky on the diet forum page. You need way more protein and lose the hamburgers, fries and hotdogs. Whats with all the Animal Stack products anyway? Protein powder is only necessary PWO IMO and the rest of the protien should come from whole food sources like chicken, turkey, egg whites, fish, etc.

    I wouldn't even think about steroid use yet. You need to sort out your diet and training first. You also need to study long and hard on the board before even considering a cycle.

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    Scotty, beam me up
    Dont switch to steroids . As it is now you will just waste money on it.

    The diet needs alot of work. You need to ditch the hotdogs, hamburgers and fries.
    I have no clue on the macros(protein, carb and fat) content of your diet, you need to calculate those aswell otherwise its impossible to critique.

    You can check out when your calculating macros.

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    I actually thought this was a joke when I was reading over it, as there have been a lot of funny posts (on purpose) as of late.

    Yes, utilize the approaches atop the page for a good general guide, definitely.


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