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    Question is caloric intake and carbs really that important

    guys, i have researched this question for quite a while and am torn between yes and no. i want to know what you think. i am mainly interested in cutting up. i do however, want to put on about 10-15 lbs of LEAN mass and increase my strength. [because of my profession, i can't afford to get too bulky] i have mainly trimmed my diet to be really heavy in proteins but have cut my carbs down to only eating scrambled egg whites in the morning and the bun on my 2-3 grilled chicken sandwiches for lunch. i do not take in any carbs at all after lunchtime. i am currently running a t-200 cycle at 300mg per week and will throw in winny in week 5 and run it at 50mg eod until week 10. how should i be eating. i think i know the answer already but i want some other opinions from experienced people. here is a typical day for me
    1st meal 8 am - 4 egg whites and wheat toast with protein shake
    2nd meal 11 am - [right after my workout] protein shake w/ 56g of powdered carbs
    3rd meal 1 pm - 2-3 chic-fil-a grilled chicken sand. w/ lettuce and tomato
    4th meal 4pm - protein shake
    5th meal 7pm - vaires but only has lean meats and lots of veggies
    6th meal 9pm - protein shake
    bed and repeat next morning [sorry for the long post]
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    Bro, the diet seems good - most carbs eaten during the day and few in the evening and night. Protein is a lot harder to convert to fat so even if you eat a little too much on the odd day then little will be stored and infact it will help your metabolism from the extra work your body will have to do.

    Four protein drinks may be a little too much but I'm not sure of the content of them so can't say for sure.

    Keep it up and remember that is is pretty hard to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time (some say it's impossible but I've seen it happen too often for it to just be my eyes lol ).

    good luck!


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    Personly I belive that you can gain muscle and loose fat at the sametime.

    A low calorie high protien diet in my opinion will yeild an approximate amount of lean muscle mass as a high calorie high protien diet.
    The only diffrence between the two in my opinion is that you would gain more Mass but slightly more lean mass with the high calrie diet than the low calorie diet.
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