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    Cutting question... How much Carbs/Protien/fat/cal should I take in per day?

    I am 5"11 @ 179, pretty solid, just wanna get extra ripped.

    I was thinking 300 plus g's of protien
    Least amount of carbs as possible (100 or so?)
    I have no clue for fat or calories..

    Ill just be livin' off chickin & tuna once I get on this next cutting cycle.

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    If you're dieting... I believe the general consensus is to try 10-12 times your bodyweight for a bit, and adjust from there (kcals, that is). Carb/Prot/Fat ratios are sortof individual; it's pretty agreed that you need to keep <a href="" target="_blank">protein</a> high. Fats should also be a good portion as well (preferably unsaturated kind). Carbs are the questionable point- some swear by very low carb (I'm trying this as we speak) and others feel like they're dead without carbs. If you do carb, try to keep them raw and wholegrain, a popular one is brown rice for example.

    So I guess use whatever ratio you think might work for you; just keep <a href="" target="_blank">protein</a> high. I wouldn't recommend a non or lowfat diet either.

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