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    Coffee Before Workouts

    Good Day All,

    Since that post a while ago about how bad coffee is cause of the insulin sensitivity and all that, I am sure I am not the only one who has held back on the java. BUT, I have a question: if it increases sensitivity so much (bad during the day) would that not be beneficial before a workout?? Not just that, but I read that it affects you for like 3-4 hours workout, meaning PERFECT because it goes directly parrallel to your post workout nutrition window when you want high GI stuff and replenishing nutrients??

    Just a thought (its rather late here )

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    I don't believe in pre workout energy boosts. Just take a caffeine pill or some B vitamins...if it lasts 3-4 hours, I don't consider that high GI....

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    If its that bad for you, Why did Arnold drink coffee before a work out?

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    hell yea

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    Ok....what post did I miss about this coffee thing. Could someone update me here, I've been gone for awhile, not to mention I do drink coffee soooooo.....what'd I miss?

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