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    20 days...A challenge to all you a.r guys!

    Okay guys, I've got 20 days...20 days from today. I've been slacking ass after a 3 week vacation...been hitting the gym, but diet has been crap. Add that to the constant eating on the vacation, and I'm about 5 pounds of fat heavier than when I left. She comes back in 20 days, and I want to look better. I think I'm just using her going and coming back as a challenge. See what I can do in just 20 days. Ideas open! I'm starting my cycle the day she gets back, so cycling anything's out. Don't want it to affect my current cycle setup. So lets hear it guys. And remember 20 days!!!

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    20 days of clen and morning cardio on an empty stomach

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    Very low carb diet for the 2.5 weeks with clen and cardio in the morning empty stomach.

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    Forget the clen (unless you want it or go with an eca) morning cardio on a nempty stomach, with clean, possibly low carb dieting.

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