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    Question My diet...Suggestions??

    hey fellas I posted this on elite also I would like somebody to help me remake my diet to help me lose fat

    Meal Food Pro/Carb/Fat Total Cals
    Meal 1 Oatmeal 10/50/4 276
    1 can Tuna in H2O 32/0/2.5 150.5

    Meal 2 Chicken Breast 25/0/3 127
    Oatmeal 10/50/4 276

    Meal 3 Peanut Butter Toast 10/18/16 256
    Tuna 32/0/2.5 150.5

    Meal 4 Meal Replacement Bar 29/20/6 250

    Meal 5 Apple 0/25/0/ 100
    Whey Protein 42/8/6 254

    Meal 6 Tuna with Salad 32/5/2.5 170.5

    Meal 7 Chicken Breast 25/0/3 127
    Green Beans 4/14/0 72

    Total Cals ~1900 with 241g Pro/140g Carbs/ 45.5g Fat

    I have been trying to stick to this but recently I found a post on EF for home made protein bars made with PB, Honey, Rice Crispies and Protein powder and have kinda over eaten on them
    But this is what I aim for and I AM going to stick to it starting from today till I am happy.

    Stats: 21 yrs old 6'0" ~205@14-16%bf goal is to get to 190+ @8%

    Anybody with knowledge of Diets that is willing to help me change this to see results, I am more than happy to listen



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    Well, the most obvious is making sure you do the cardio at least 4 days a week for 30 min a pop. The diet overall looks good though IMO opinion, I would try to trim some of those fat grams down to like 30-35g a day. You can try to cycle your fat intake like 20/30/40. The best is to experiment with you diet week by week to see what works for you. Do throw in a cheat day each week. It's important to keep the body guessing as to what your gonna do and it's also good to help break up the diet monopoly. Tobey is a great source for diet questions also and is always willing to help bro. Give a holler with any other ?????

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    Bravo11p, I do cardio everyday (with occasional days off when I feel like im getting run down) Usually for 30 mins but sometimes more. I dont really have a cheat day planned b/c if something comes up and I go out to eat then that just serves as one....Also I tend to get in habits easy so if I start eating what ever I want frequently(1x a week), it might become habit and will move to 2x a week-that is why I try not to at all. But I do try and keep my calorie level moving between 1900 and 2400 (clean cals) with more days being in the low end.

    Thanks for your help! Anybody else want to throw out some ideas?


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