ok, so i got this real nice idea a lil bit ago after layin around and kinda critiquing my self flexin it up in the mirror and since the last 3 months past with my new job and diferent life changes my work outs and diet have slacked big time causein me to feel real ****ty about how im lookin these days. so this new year ive been plannin on a sick change with a pre planned daytoday /week to week for two or three months. and then dedicate only 1-2 hours a day at the gym with our already gym rat work outs, and me given up a few favs tihngs to do. snack late and drink soda, sorry bros i love cokacola.

my plann here is to get my brothers help, who co runns/owns a loca cafe. him and i need and want to do the same thing since hes into lifting and workin out too for a while, hes 34 and still a big dude too. we wanna cut up and get lean in a lot of the same areas while still maintaining a nice 210-230 lb monster look.
if any one reads this and want to throw some advice my way itd be cool , thanks ,
so here i go,,
the diets are gonna be real nice and have all the proper amounts of protiens grams and all the goodies., amino, gear for some , mixes and supps,will all be prebought and plannned , i wanna use myoplex along with some othersource of whey shakes along the days,
then pretty much from there i go on to the work out where me and my bro will dedicate, me 5 days a week and him maybe 3-5 days, of workin out together from 6-8pm at our gym. along with this im planin on possible spin and ab targetting class if possibilites are avial. certainly in the spring mt biking on sunday after noons is worked in the day no matter what. its just my thing to do. i loved racin threw the woods and riding trails in the woods with some buddies , good ass cardio, but last year was inconsistant, this year is goin to be for real and ill make plans every sunday around it.
my cyclse past have done me decent till now, and i consider my build to me ok, i wanna change that , imm plannin on a simple cycle to help inhance my work out abilites and push it to that leveL,,, MOSTER LEVEL . im basiclly taking charge finally, and wanna get these results . i know i can do it and its time has come .possibilites for it are (bulking then cutting longer cyc) : ANADROL , TEST CYP WINNY FINA? DECA ...PCT CLOMID WITH NOLVADEX ... i think could use these and i also was thinkin of clen while on the whole cycle. ,

weeks 1-2
50-100mg anadrol depending how i feel since first time using it.
weeks 2-10
500mg cyp/week
weeks 9-13
50mg winny/day
heres where i need some help>>can some brothas lend a hand , any help is appreciated.

possible use of clen through out,( low mg /day?)
when is it best to run the nolva wit something like this planned?
and also when would i run clomind and what mg/day would be best ?

we are talkin this out now me and my bro, and will come up with all the meals beeing pree cooked for us by his morning chef,so that we can eat what ever is good from and healthy from his menu, tuna sandwhiches, eggswhites, oatmeals, water,chichen sandwhiches and some other godoies, maybe fruit or somehting , and hell have them ready for me, him and my liftin partner, im sure ill be able ot plan something real nice from his menu so i can now afford to do someting like this , eat right to get big and lean, have somethign differet thats gonna get me there, and workin out like and insane monster throwin steal around. the supplemental goodies are all coming (gear/protien for the whole time, myoplsexy for the whole time and vitamin,amino and eca allready mostly at hand .
im hopin i can get some feed back from yas out there. my time has come to get the job done and just get there, i finally got a good work out partners who have similar goals that are willin to do this together to help do it right, dedication will be at its highest, cuz im just fed up of not being where i wanna be.. this is it bros. thanks again for any help

some previous cycl experiances
right now im 214, dont know my bf yet but im gonna check it soon at the docs. at my physical.
myarms are around 17 or so.
ill get pics and meas up soon. i need wiht bros help wit it. we are takin befor and afters for comparison at the goal date. (not sure when it is just yet)
illbe posting this up on a regualr basis so i hope this goes well..
let me know what yous think
you can check here for pics of me from myspace for now till i get new ones taken for befor and afters, this is from atschool that im part of maybe some of yous are too.. i dont know check it for pics till i update, sorry for none now

was 230 last mach in those pics from nc.