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    Review this one for me bro!

    I cant have test in this cycle because i cant handle it anymore, got gyno and very bad moodswings last time.

    So now im going to take the shit i know doesent give me that.
    And guys i get very sentemental on tren and not angry.

    week1-10 Nandrolone Decanoate 600mg/ew (300mg E3D)
    week1-10 Trenbolone Acetate 350mg/ew (100mg EOD)
    week4-10 Winstrol depot 350mg/ew (50mg ED)
    Week1-12 B6 300mg ED
    Week1-12 Proviron 25-50mg ED
    Week13 STARTS PCT:
    Day 1 Clomid 300mg, Nolvadex 80mg
    Day 2-14 Clomid 100mg ED, Nolvadex 40mg ED
    Day 15-28 Clomid 50mg ED, Nolvadex 20mg ED

    Im 23/97kg/183cm/10% bf/5cycles on tren,test,win,deca ,omnaden,anadrol ,dianabol , stacks with higher doses.

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    wow can you say floppy cock

    because that's what's going to happen on this cycle

    what kind of test where you running and what dose and how often where you injecting ??

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    ur dick WILL NOT WORK ... hope u know this

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