Whats up all. Where to start. I have been train for 7 years off and on but fell back in love about 6 months ago. I started my second cycle ever. It consists of sus 250 and deca 300 1cc of each. I take one shot of sus on Fri. and one on Mon. My diet has been as clean as i can make it. When I start I was 190 and now I'm flotting between 205lbs. and 210lbs. Does this sound about right? I have 3 shots of sus 250 left and 4 decas left. My waist measurement has increased an inch because of all the extra food I have been eating. What do you guys think that my next cycle in Sept. Mass is what i'm looking for. Also I need needles and in PA it is illegal. Androusa sells them and will ship them to me but I'm not sure...what do i do..some good advise would really help. Thanx. You guys rock!