Ok First of all I have plenty of cycles under my belt. I was just curious to see what everyone would do in my situation and why. This is going to be a cutting cycle mostly. Ok here is what I have:

4 10ml vials of EQ (200mg/ml) Boldenon 200 - SYD Labs Austrailia
4 10ml vials of Test Prop (100mg/ml) Quality Vet
200 tabs of 10mg Winstrol Tabs (Denkall Stanzolic)
I also have clomid for post cycle therapy
I also have a bottle of 1000 tabs of dbol (5mg per pill)BD Thai Pinks

I wasnt sure about using the dbol with this cycle because the winny will be pretty hard on my liver. I was just throwing it in there because i have 1000 pills of dbol. This is my first time using any other products than QV. Are these other companies any good? Thanks!

I also want to do the eq at 800mg a week for 10 weeks