This is my first cycle, I am hoping to use this forum to track my progress and get some critique. I'm 5'11 187 lbs at about 12-13%BF. I am looking to stay around the same weight, however drop my BF to around 8 or 9%. my cycle looks like this:
wk1-12 300 mg Bold EQ.
Clen ?

I have access to clenbuterol and I was wondering when I should throw it in the mix? I was thinking wks 8 and 9, then eca wks 10 and 11 then back on clen for 12 and 13. Would that be best? or what if I started on wk 10 and 11 clen, 12 and 13 eca, then back to clen on 14 and 15? Which clen cycle would work better.