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Thread: Starting my 1st

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    Starting my 1st

    After 3 mos. of intense research (including many hours on this board) and gathering all my gear I'm ready to start my 1st cycle. I opted to go quite conservative as I figure I can (and chances are will) do another in the future if I do OK on this one. I'm 37, 195, 18% body fat and have worked out semi regularly for about 20 yrs. I'm looking to reduce body fat by 1/3 (to 12%) and add 8-10 lbs. lean mass and significantly improve over all strngth and fitness.
    I feel this is a reasonable goal to start.
    Here is my cycle:
    d-bol - 15mg/day wks 1-3
    primo-depot 300 mg/ wk. wks 1-8
    clomid 2/day wks. 9-10
    I know most of you would recommend adding other things to the stack and I respect your opinions knowing they come from experience, but I'm comfortable with my decision. I do have 1 question though; am I starting my clomid at the right time or should I start a few days sooner/later?
    Thanx for the advise and I'll keep you posted.

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    You might be comfortable with your decision but the cycle isn't a good one. First, you need to be running test in your cycle, also since this is your first that's pretty much all you should be running. Second, the d-bol dosages are way too low..... 35 to 40mg for first 4 weeks is the way to go at your weight. Another thing are you sure the primo is legit...... tons of fakes floating around. I would re-consider this cycle.

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    Agree with MudMan

    35mg dbol ED for 28 days
    250mg Enan E4D for 10wks
    PCT 14 days after last injection

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    Why not just a test only cycle 500mg/wk 10wks? It worked awesome for me.

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    Test is the way yo go 1st cycle Bro - the other Bros are right - re-think this - just my .02

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