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Thread: Sad Lifter

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    Sad Lifter

    Hi guys, just want to share my thoughts with you on my very depressing few years out of the powerlifting game. At only 19 i am at my weakest and lightest since the age of about 15. I have not benched in over 4 months and my enthusiasm for the powerlifting has gone badly down hill, because of one big reason. 3 years ago i won the northern ireland under18 powerlifting champs and then went on to win the british champs, at a b/w of 180lbs unequiped benching 285lbs squatting 350lbs and deadlifting 460. I was all set for the world sub-junior championships and aftr some long discussion with my coach we decided it would maybe be best to dabble into the world of steroids in order to get up ther with the russians and the like. Ovcourse there was a regional irish bench press comp just before the world champs which i thought i would enter for practice. I lifted and yes, you guessed it...... i got tested . One month later i had a letter telling me i was banned form powerlifting for 2and a half ***king years!! So as u can see my confidence was dented slightly. So since then i have messed about doing enough to get by, not really eating or training seriously. Also starting college didnt help, all that partying. I am now merely 163lbs compared what i once was a well toned 185lbs guy. I feel like shit. But its gona all change very soon. My ban is up in feburary 06 and the next comp is in april. I have 4 months to get back to my best and being the best junior in Northern Ireland, and i have found a brilliant logical diet plan that will aid my path back to the top. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated???!!!! (and please dont say "STAY OFF THE ROIDS DUMBASS!" ive heard it all before)

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    sorry to hear that... but you must stop feeling sorry for yourself. train because you love it not because you want to win a contest... the fire I have burning inside me is such that if i never competed again i would still lift like my life depends on it... that's what i do... and that's what you should do too. It is great to compete it's great to win... everyone wants to be good at something and it sounds to me like you have a perfect opportunity to be good at powerlifting... train because you love it... train because you have to... train with a passion that nobody can understand... and if you do that the rewards will come! good luck and train hard!


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