I just made this up today and it turned out 10x better than I expected. Sorry I don't have exact measurements, you just gotta do your best.


Makes 4 servings.

Ground Beef - 2 lb
McCormick Mushroom Gravy - 1 packet
McCormick Onion Gravy - 1 packet
Sliced Mushrooms - up to you
Chopped Onions - up to you
Italian Breadcrumbs - up to you
Egg - 2
BBQ Sauce - up to you
Worchestershire Sauce - up to you


Sautee mushrooms and onions. Dump both packets of gravy into the mushrooms/onions and follow the directions to make it. Keep it simmering on very low heat.

In a large bowl, add the eggs, bbq sauce (I like Jack Daniels #7 because its very sweet), worchestershire sauce, breadcrumbs and ground beef. Mix thoroughly.

Make four large patties and pan cook them, or preferably, George Foreman Grill them.

Dump the patties in the gravy (which should be still simmering). Maybe chop them up into halves or fourths so the gravy really gets into them. After they have simmered in the gravy some, eat em or tupperware them.

Nutritional Analysis

2 lbs of ground beef is a lot of protein.

Carbs come from the breadcrumbs, mushrooms, onions, and a little from the gravy. Not a very carby dish though and you can reduce the breadcrumbs to zero if you are into the whole low carb thing.

Sugar comes from the bbq sauce. You can so choose to use a low sugar bbq sauce (I can't I love that Jack Daniels stuff...=P).

Fat only comes from the ground beef. Again, you can choose a low fat cut.