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    Ephedrine: Best way to cycle??

    Hey Guys, any oppinions on the best way to cycle Ephedrine to burn more fat? I've used it many times before with the caffine and aspirin and have burned a few pounds, but is there any specific times during the day that is best? And how long should I take it?
    Also, does anyone become as moody as me when I start coming down, or is it just me?

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    i use it once in the morning full pill,
    then once like around 3 1/2 pill, i hit the gym at 5pm
    and that gives me enough energy for the workout and i can still get to bed at a reasonable times.

    to cycle Ephedrine to burn more fat, better diet.

    i dont get moody on it , but i do crash hard if i take 2 full pills there is no feeling of a slow come down its more like energy then bam sleepyness

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    careful with that, i started on that when i was a cook at a local restaurant. I took 2-3 pills at a time to keep up with the orders coming in. My body could handle that relatively well, but when i came down, i took 1-2 more and kept that up untill i got home. Taken in large doses like this has somewhat of an effect like speed. I'm also on the swim team at my school. for my first competition this year, i took 4 about a half an hour before it. I was jacked for it when the time came. The event was 500 yards, 20 lengths. By the 8 lap i was suffocating, i couldnt breathe, and i was over heating. I had to slow down alot just so i wouldnt feel like i was going to die. When i finally finished, my time was alot worse than it usually is when i dont take eph. I crawled out of the pool and my face was beat red and i was out of breath. i sat in the shower for 30 mins and i was still gasping for breath. This was my mistake, which wont/never happen again. This is a good supplement, if taken correctly. when i was on it i took 2-3 pills per day, it controlled my enormous appetite and i lost some weight. I made the mistake of thinking 'more is better' but that wont happen again.

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    2 weeks on (everyday), then 2 weeks off. Take a morning dose and then another at lunch (or whenever the effect is totally gone).

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