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    Question on a creatine/no2 mixed supp

    my friend gave me this supp that he grabbed from walmart, and its a creatine/no2 mixture sort of thing. they are pills, and they are 2.8g per serving with 2 servings a day. you have the option of taking 3 pills per serving, or 4. 4 a day obvsiouly means ur gettin a higher g/serving and all but i was thinkin about this. would you guys ever load with this? like take 4 twice a day for 5 days, then go down to the 3 twice a day until the bottle runs out? or take 4 twice a day, or just 3 twice a day?

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    i would never take a supplement from walmart, thats like 3 steps bellow gnc haha

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    i buy all my vitamins from wal-mart-----low prices everyday! But as for no2 and creatine, i think i would go diezell... But since you have them i would go ahead and take them, I would start out with the minimal dose and then if don't notice anything bump it up.

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