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    How do i take N-Large 2?

    Only 11 servings.. My oh My.. this shan't last long..

    Do users half the serving size? And how many do you have a day?
    What time should i take it, post workout, before? before bed?

    Help please.

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    definitely post workout with some carb and dextrose the rest depends on your goals and how much protein you get a day. I always hear 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per a lb so calculate your weight and go from there.

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    how do you take it? 16 oz. of cold water and 4 scoops of the stuff...only use this stuff postworkout because the carbs are very fast acting and consuming them any other time during the day will most likely cause fat gain...if you want a weightgain supplement identical to nlarge2 but with slow digesting carbs, use cytogainer.

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    N Large uses fructose sugar, it would be better if it had dextrose. One of my workout buddys uses it and has barely gained any mucle, just a small pot belly.

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