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    creatine /protein question

    I am currently taking clen /T3 combo and seeing good results with 5 days/week of cardio and a pretty clean diet. I have started working out 3 days/week for about 30 mins at a time. I have a circuit program. I have about 30lbs to loose before I go to a weight lifting program of 5 days/week and cardio 3 days/week. I was wondering if i could start protein/creatine now with the 3 days/week of a circuit program or would I be wasting my time. My other concern is that I still have 30lbs of fat to loose before I get to me goal. I understand that working out will build muscle and muscle weights more than fat. Need some advice here. Thanks

    Current stats: 6' 240lbs
    goal 200-210lbs

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    There's no reason not to take them now.

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    You should be on a high protein diet if youre cutting down. If you dont get enough pro from food just go with the powder.

    i would save the creatine for when you start a heavy lifting routine.

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