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Thread: T-100 from SAN?

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    T-100 from SAN?

    Need some solid confirmation on this product.
    Does it work, or not. I've tried most legal supplements and this will be the last go before real gear. Please give positive and negative results.

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    Higher dosings of this are needed in order to produce such the results as one would seek. Transdermal 1-Test products if used, then one can use a moderate amount (due to trandermal efficiency as opposed to oral shortcomings).

    For oral 1-Test, anywhere from 600 to 900 mgs has been used (in order to elicit such the sought efffects), although Molecular's 1-Test ethergels have had some good (but limited) feedback with 200-300 mgs per day. For transdermal, then 100-200 mgs per day will make do (for the average person).

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