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Thread: Post-Workout

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    Smile Post-Workout

    I was talking to a bodybuilder a few years ago i think his name was Sean Jones (nicest guy i ever met) and he told me some Post-workout drink, but im sceptical does anyone know anything about this stuff?

    He said mix:
    take twinlab super-enzime with this

    100 grams simple sugars (equal)
    w/ grapejuice
    and creatine

    then drink

    myoplex w/
    lowfat milk and
    tbspn peanut butter

    i dont know about it though, but he was smithmachine shoulderpressing 3 45's on each side and i was 15 so i believed anything.

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    Simple sugars is ideal for post workout, quickly replenishing lost glycogen, I personnally take simple sugars with a protein mix which is rapdily absorbing, with added BCAA. Its called Pro-Recover from Dorian Yates Approved.

    but bascially simple sugar and protein post workout i.e first 15 mins after, then 1-1.30hr later a high protein high carb meal.

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