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    Help with Beginner Workout Plan

    I have been lifting weights in my basement for about a year now on and off because of a busy school year and part-time job. I am 17 years old and since High School is finally over, I am looking to workout more seriously. I am a skinny kid 5'11 160 pounds (I was 125 pounds a year earlier). I don't think I will ever be using any Roids, and just looking to bulk up a little. I work out in the evenings and i'm usually busy so only looking to work out 3 times a week.

    Please help me with the workout plan that I have made:

    Bench Press
    Incline Bench Press
    Dumbell Press
    Close Grip Bench Press
    Lyin Tricep Extensions
    Tricep Pushdowns

    Tuesday: Morning Cardio

    Bent Over Dumbell/Barbell rows
    Front Pulldowns
    Dumbell Shoulder Press
    Dumbell/Barbell Upright Row
    Rear Deltoid Raises

    Thursday: Morning Cardio

    Standing Barbell Curls
    Seated Incline Dumbell Curls
    Dumbell Concentration Curls
    Leg Extensions
    Lying Leg Curls
    Standing Calf Raises

    Saturday/Sunday: Rest (Usually out on weekends so now workout)

    This plan probably needs some modifications and I need help with the changes if needed.

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    IMO I wouldn't hit tris and chest on the same day. Condsider switching your biceps with triceps and you'll get a much better contrentrated workout on those tris. That'll give 72hrs to recover on the tris which wont really be sore because you didn't hit them directly.

    You might want to try a fourth day, so you can hit back thouroughly apart from upper traps and delts. Seated rows, and pulldowns behind the back are good to develop a full back, but if you try to hit those with shoulders your workout with definately be too long, especially while not on AS.

    If you look at the workouts of some of the more experienced bros you'll see what I mean. But others will probably have more to say than me.

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    Here's an example of the 5-day split I use:

    works nice and your never hitting to much of the upper body at once.

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    If you want to bulk lay off cardio a lil, eat everything you see at all times, @ 160 I would say you hae quite a bit of natural potential left. Don't over train get in and get out in no longer than 1 hour, I try to squeeze everything in in 45 min. keep simple and strict, Here is an example of what I do:

    Chest and bi's

    Shoulders and tri's



    all 45 min avg. and you won't find a more intense routine than bustin you ass for 45. min.

    this leaves plenty of time for work, and play, Trust me..............been workin 12's and 16's for the past two weeks and still hittin it.

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    Training triceps beginning of the week may affect any shoulder presses you do for delts, and training biceps beginning of the week may affect any rows you do for back. The affect may be marginal or it may be workout damaging depending on if you fried your tri's/bi's at the start of the week. Of course there may be no affect at all. Many people train tri's or bi's at the beginning of the week and grow plenty, but if you do find that your other training days are being affected then switch days for those areas. I always train bi's and tri's on the same day, on a thursday, and legs on a friday so the rest of my upper body doesn't suffer any. I do a 5/2 split, I know this doesn't work for you so I won't detail it any more. If you search workouts on this forum you will find a few examples of 3 day on a week workout splits. Some do a Monday, Wednesday, Friday others do 3 days on 3 days off and repeat (due to work commitments), you will find a few.

    Happy hunting!

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