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    Exclamation Quick advice needed!

    Hey bros I was wondering whether any of you guys change the way you lift during PCT? Do you reduce the total number of sets and per body part? How many days off fo you take?

    I was thinking of something like this:

    Mon: Chest/Back 10 sets each 10,6,4 reps
    Tue: Legs/Abs 10 sets each 15,6,4 reps
    Wed: OFF
    Thurs: Shoulders/Traps 11 sets 12,6,4 reps
    Fri: Bi's/Tri's 14 sets each 12,6,4 reps
    Sat: OFF
    Sun: OFF

    How does this look? Anyone got any other routines? Any help is appreciated!

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    I try not to set such a set routine, plus work and school kill me for time some weeks but I usually go as followed:

    Day 1: Chest/tris
    Day 2: back/hams
    Day 3: quads/bis
    Day 4: shoulders/traps
    Day 5: off

    Calves even days, abs odd days

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