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    close grip B grip

    howdy yall. I just have a question about close grip benching. how far apart should your hands be apart?

    also, i noticed when i was close gripping, my elbows were kicking out, which is wrong form right? are'nt your elbows supposed to be coming down by your sides and would that put alot of stress on the wrists?

    thanx in advance

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    with close grip bench grip width is all personal opinion.... i do mine as a primary mass builder on arms day.... when i warm up i do 225 and i kick my elbows out quite a bit... and then as i get further into my working sets (4 total at 275 275 315 315) i like to consciously grip closer and keep my elbows tighter.... mostly because with heavier weights you are going to naturally kick out to prevent the strain on your elbows from getting too high... but to give you a visual i usually start with my index finger just inside the smooth center of the bar... then i progress to having my ring finger inside the smooth part and my pinky on the beginning of the grip

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    For me I have my hands about 10 - 12 inches apart, and when it comes to elbow position I go with where I can feel the strain in my pecs as to where I try to position my elbows.

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    I do close grip with two different grips to really work my tris... I will grip about 10 inches apart and also about 4 inches apart. I can lift a lot less weight at the 4 inches than the 10 inches but can really feel the burn in my tris.

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