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    Cardio while on cycle

    Alright quick question Im 167 11% BF

    cycling with test cyp for a 10 weeker

    Now ive never been this high in BF % and I know how much cardio to do to loose fat I usually do 45-60 mins moderate intensity at 65% max HRT rate for 3-5 times a week when trying to shed fat.

    But Since im wanting to do a bulker i think that this will probably not be beneficial to my goals too much cardio for weight gain.

    How much cardio should I do in order to loose fat on cycle while still gainning muscle weight?

    Ill probably back it down to 45 mins 2-3 times a week or even 30 mins but just wanted to check with all the gurus out there

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    Well, if you are 167 and are on a bulker, I'd limit the cardio as the muscle that you put on will act as a fat burner for you down the road. Doing cardio now at this weight may limit your lean mass gains, and have you spinning your wheels. As always, diet is key!


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