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    Home equipment websites

    Hey, I'm lookin for some equipment and I wanted to see where you guys shop online, if you do shop online. Just throw some sites up. Lets see what ya got.

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    Bodysolid has some nice equipment. Parabody has really nice equipment but a little expensive. Nautilus equipment are nice also . I would just type in weight equipment manufacturers and go from there . Hope I helped !

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    the best thing to do to ensure quality is go to a gym and ask them where they get it., you then get in contact with the company, say cybex or whoever ur trying to get stuff from, my mother got a eliptical machine for 4 thousand but it is the same one as the gym has with the best quality, i guess it depends on what type of quality u want, you could go to yahoo and get some shit for like 50 dollars, JMO

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    I went with Body Solid equipment from .
    They advertise in Muscle and Fitness and others. I have no complaints about anything. Shipping was free. The delivery went very well I think it was 23 items/boxes at 1100 lbs. The equipment is top nocth. Hope to post a pick later this week on the Home gym thread that is going right now.

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