Here is what my strength coach has personalized 4 me:

Bench; 135,225,260,285 x 5, 310x4x4, 330x3x3, 365x1
Flys 4sets of12
Incline; 2sets of 6, 2sets of 5, 1set of 4
Shoulders; 4 sets of both front and rear
Dips; till 50

Back and Bis; bodybuiling, basically 12sets of back and 10of bis

Squats; 135,225,260,290 x 8 without belt, 315x8,330x6, 365x3x2 405x1 with belt
Hams 4sets of 12,
Bench; 135,225,260,285x5, 315x3x3
Deads (close leg) 5sets of 5-3 going up to 365
Leg Press; 5plates x 16(2sets) x 20(3sets)
Leg Extensions 4x12

Then i do it all over with different numbers after a 2day break