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    No soreness..overtrained muscle???

    I've been working out for a couple years. In preparation for my spring break I made a mistake and started working each muscle twice a week...which led to mooshy muscles, no sleep, no motivation, etc.. It was terrible. However, I took two weeks out of the gym and got back in the gym. After my first workout with back and bis I felt great, pumped and got that good old soreness the following days, that big and tight feeling... 5 days later i worked my back and bis because I did not have a much soreness...just barely a felt that they were very dry...i still put up the same no muscle loss...but my muscles felt dry and not big sort of speak...the next day i wasnt that sore and i felt the same way as if i was overtraining, no sleep nad this overtraining what should i do?

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    if u took two weeks off that should have given ur body enough time to recover. i dont think u overtrained, its only been 2 weeks, how was ur sleep last night if u didnt sleep that well that might be why ur tired. usually im not sore to the second day after the workout anyway.

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    well can you remember your first workout? You probably didnt bust your ass that bad but Im sure you felt sore as **** the next day, when you take two weeks off your letting your muscle COMPLETELY recover. Just make sure your not overtraining and when your are training your busting your ass arnold style, remember bigger muscle = more muscle to tear = more/longer burn.

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    You should switch it up, I just read a thread on how doing back/bi's is bad b/c it wears you out almost completely before you do your biceps. Has some validity to it. I started doing either bi's/tri's or chest/bi's.

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    Soreness (OMS,DOMS) does not always = not effective. Your back is a big muscle group therefore it may take a bit longer to recover than 5 days..

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    Just because you are not sore does not mean the muscle is not being used. I was close grip benching lower weight, same reps last week and got a great burn from it. Today i did started with the weight i eneded with and moved up from there and done more then even, yet no burn. Same form, same reps, same everything but burn or not i know my muscles got a great workout. The pushdowns that followed sure did me in though.

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